The Company

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Sunshine Constructions. 

Sunshine Constructions was created in 1972. Over the years, we have grown and developed a full line of solid wood and leaded glass entryways. 

We have a truly custom business that offers our customers the opportunity to create a really unique, one of a kind entryway. 

With our experience and craftsmanship we can create an entryway that compliments your individual home and enhances both interior and exterior design features. 

Close attention to manufacture, design, finish and installation insure you of a well-made and beautiful product that you will enjoy and be proud of for years to come.

The Company 
Sunshine Constructions is a company where craftsmanship and quality have blended with custom wood and leaded glass work. This combination of trades allows us to create entryways which are beautiful, well crafted and unique. 

The talent and experience of our craftsmen allow us to create entryways with a wide range of design options. Our entry units come pre-hung and pre-finished. We create entryways for new construction or renovation. 

Our entry units come in any combination of door(s), sidelight(s) and/or transom. Our doors are available in standard, small or large sizes. Every unit we make is a carefully crafted, custom unit. 

Our doors are solid wood construction, generally Red oak or Honduran mahogany. Other woods are available. These doors are solid wood and sturdily made. They feature a double-raised panel construction, virtually eliminating any cracking due to differences in humidity. 

Our leaded glass panels are designed and constructed on site. All panels are encased in a protective thermal panel, adding thermal insulation and protecting against breakage and unwanted condensation.

After fabrication, our door and jamb units are dis-assembled and finished with marine varnish, the best exterior finish available. 
Sunshine Constructions is committed to quality and care at every step of construction, from design to installation. Because of this, we have limited ourselves to a specific geographic area. In this way our clients can come to our shop and display room, pick out their options and custom design their glass work. It also allows us to install our units at the worksite. Finishing and installation are integral parts of the finished product. 

We have generally limited ourselves to an area within an approximate radius of 50 miles around Harrisburg, PA. This covers an area from State College to Williamsport to Reading to the Maryland line. We can go farther if special arrangements are made.